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    Korea Semiconductor Industry Association - http://www.ksia.or.kr

    Korea Display Industry Association - http://www.kdia.org

    ELECTRONIC TIMES - http://www.etnews.co.kr

    Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International - http://www.semi.org

    The Korea International Trade Association - www.kita.net

    Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan - http://www.seaj.or.jp

    Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association - http://www.tsia.org.tw

    United States Semiconductor Industry Association - http://www.semichips.org

    Samsung Economic Research Institute - http://www.seri.org

    LG Economic Research Institute - http://www.lgeri.com

    Small & Medium Business Administration - http://www.smba.go.kr

    Small & Medium Business Corporation - http://www.sbc.or.kr

    Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology - http://www.keit.re.kr

    SeMaTech - http://www.sematech.org

    Korean Intellectual Property Office - http://www.kipo.go.kr

    European Patent Office - http://www.epo.org

    United Kingdom Patent Office - http://www.patent.gov.uk

    United States Patent and Trademark Office - http://www.uspto.gov

    Japan Patent Office - http://www.jpo.go.jp