Equipment Front End Module

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Wafer Transfer System

Equipment Front End Module

EFEM은 최대 4개의 로드 포트, 2개의 대기 로봇, 2개의 버퍼 장치, 2개의 웨이퍼 센터링 및 그립핑 정렬 장치로 구성되며  2개의 팬 필터 장치가 장착되어 EFEM 내부를 청결하게 유지합니다.


  • Various atmospheric robots and pre-aligners adoptable single arm, dual arm, flip robot, etc.
  • Passive end effector with GN-PAD  →  Prevention of wafer chipping, particle
  • Automatic and accurate wafer alignment with several types of pre-aligners.
  • Reliable load port modules & N2 purged FOUP(option).
  • Samsung & SK Hynix spec. satisfaction in accordance with SEMI standard
  • Easy integration with all process and metrology equipment.

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